• Get an insight to latest concert on Coachella 2016, watch the video of our live performance - Coachella day 1.

    Over 300.000 people gathered at our show on Coachella 2016. What an energy and what a show! We performed singles from our last album “Go wild or go home” that was released in early february this year. One of the most interesting moments was when we performed “Go wild or go home” single. The public went wild and it was such a pleasure seeing them enjoying our music.

    This was one of the most spectacular events we performed on and hope we’ll see you next year at same place. Now, watch our video or listen the singles from our newest album.

    Latest album features 15 tracks, with good old rock ‘n’ roll sound. A lot of electric guitar and our wild energy has been put in this latest album. Album is now available for purchase on our official store, amazon, google play and istore. So why wait, grab your copy today.

    Lyrics can be downloaded in music page. Also don’t forget to check our official videos, which you can find in the gallery, plus awesome live videos from our fans all over the world, which we featured on our official youtube channel.

    If you have a video or shot of our performance from our tours and concerts, reach to us and maybe you’ll get featured and get some free fan goodies - official album t-shirt and mug. You can check them out on our store.

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    by Adam Parker

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